About Us

The Nilgiri tea derives its name from a stunning mountain range located in South India. It is grown in the hills of Nilgiri District of Tamilnadu. These mountain ranges also known as the Western Ghats stretches from Kerala to Tamilnadu. The tea industry was established in 1840 keeping in mind the ideal climatic condition and elevation required for growing tea.

At Golden Dew our love and understanding of tea is deep rooted, from its rich heritage to its vast variety. Our vision is to deliver the finest tea experience, its unique flavours and blends, right to your home.


We began our journey as tea traders in 1932. It was under the leadership of late Shri Rathanlal Jain, that we became a trusted partner to large tea conglomerates.

In the late 1940s, Shri Rathanlal’s son, Mr. Sampathlal Chordia joined the company with a vision to take the family business to new heights. He helped the business grow from strength to strength by diversifying the trade basket to exports, while simultaneously exploring local markets. His quest to dig deeper into newer markets made him a trade expert, expanding the business reach even further.